CDC’s approach to private antitrust enforcement is distinct from the services that others provide in the market, notably law firms. We believe that burdensome claims can best be turned into valuable assets if the commercial interests with our business partners are aligned and each party concentrates on its core competences.

CDC has highly transparent business terms, and does not charge on a billable hour basis. The outsourcing of the analysis and recovery of damages to CDC allows companies to focus on their current and future business, rather than spending time and money on complex, costly and potentially very long-lasting litigation. Your business does not have to spend money on lawyers, court fees or economic experts, but can effectively outsource this burden to CDC ensuring substantial advantages and benefits from any success.

CDC conducts in-depth analyses using market-wide data to accurately assess the damages of each individual company. When we enforce claims we do not opt for easy settlements at unfair conditions. To the contrary, our proven track record and ability to deliver successful results shows that CDC provides considerable added value and is prepared to go all the way.

Enforcing claims through CDC offers the following advantages:
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