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Enforcement in Court
Although CDC tries to find amicable solutions, the filing of a legal action and court enforcement is often necessary. We have an experienced and skilled team of in-house legal counsels specialising in competition law and procedural law to effectively manage and coordinate complex litigation procedures Europe-wide. In court proceedings CDC is always represented by first class law firms specialised in litigation and dispute resolution.

Leading the way in court enforcement
We have achieved many precedent-setting court decisions Europe-wide. They all concern cross-jurisdictional disputes against well-resourced and represented infringers. Our cases Hydrogen Peroxide, Cement, Sodium Chlorate, Paraffin Wax, Sugar, and Trucks are among the largest of their kind. CDC has prevailed in the overwhelming majority of court cases and has an excellent court enforecement track record. No other company has reached as many successful court decisions in multiple jurisdictions in the field of private enforcement of competition law in Europe.