Testimonials From Damaged Companies

The approach of CDC corresponds with the interests of damaged companies as it invests its own personnel and financial resources in each case……The fruitful cooperation over the years with CDC has resulted in several considerable pay-outs for our company……CDC leverages its stronger negotiating power, access to market-wide data, and its expertise and experience to successfully optimise the level of compensation for damaged companies.
Erich E Wimmer, Head of Legal at Mondi AG, Austria
CDC’s ability to not only get a deal done but to negotiate and achieve a great deal is one of the multiple reasons making CDC our partner of choice. Without CDC, our company would not have recovered the same level of compensation and we are extremely satisfied that we chose CDC over other alternatives.
Dr Martin Zügel, CEO of MCM Klosterfrau Healthcare Group, Germany
Having successfully achieved several significant settlements on our behalf against two different cartels CDC has shown its capability and dependability in ensuring that companies damaged by anticompetitive practices are properly compensated for their loss.”
José Moutas, Chief Legal Counsel at ENCE Energia y Celulosa SA, Spain
CDC has won five settlements for us in two court cases in Germany and Finland, proving on several occasions that it is competent in managing complicated proceedings……Furthermore, we did not have to worry about any burden from the costs and risks associated with enforcing the claims, as these were also borne entirely by CDC.
Jan Geier, Steinbeis Papier GmbH, Germany
CDC’s collective approach of acquiring claims on a pan-European level and bundling them into one damage action was particularly interesting from our viewpoint as this enabled access to market-wide data and considerably increased negotiating power against the cartelists.
Michael Von den Benken, Director at DUNI AB, Sweden
CDC achieved a very successful outcome and we received multiple payments for compensation which we were very happy about. We highly endorse CDC as a very reliable expert with a long history of successfully claiming antitrust damages.
Paolo Romanini, Industrial Controller at Lucart S.p.A, Italy
Sappi Europe has financially greatly benefitted from multiple case settlements that were successfully negotiated by CDC. Importantly, CDC has done so by assuming all costs pertaining to these proceedings……CDC knows how to convert antitrust damage claims into a positive cash flow for companies that have been overcharged by collusive suppliers.
Johannes Boner, VP General Counsel at Sappi Europe, Belgium

Recognition From Public Institutions

“Another variant of joinder procedures are joinder of claims. […] Such procedures can be used when several plaintiffs transfer their claims to one individual or an association, which then can claim these rights on its own behalf. […]The Belgian Cartel Damage Claims S.A. brought claims of 28 victims for damages in its own name against a German concrete cartel (Zementkartell) in front of a German court (after investigations of the German Cartel Authority) claiming a total of 100 million euro.”
European Commission Report (2007)
“A third relevant case concerns a number of actions brought by a Belgian company named Cartel Damage Claims (CDC). CDC purchased cartel-related damage claims from several claimants and filed actions under its own name and on its own account.”
European Parliament, Directorate-General for Internal Policies (2012)
“CDC a company governed by Belgian law domiciled in Brussels, was established for the purpose of pursuing, both judicially and extra-judicially, claims for damages of undertakings affected by a cartel.”
Judgment of the European Court of Justice of the European Union (2015)
The emergence of players on the judicial scene, such as the applicant in the main proceedings [CDC Cartel Damage claims], whose aim it is to combine assets based on claims for damages resulting from infringements of EU competition law, seems to me to show that, in the case of the more complex barriers to competition, it is not reasonable for the persons adversely affected themselves individually to sue those responsible for a barrier of that type.”
Opinion of Advocate General Jääskinen, Court of Justice of the European Union (2014)

Academic Recognition

“En vertu de l’effet translatif de la  cession de créance, le cessionnaire recevra le droit d’agir en justice, accessoire de la créance  cédée.   Cette   opération,   somme   toute   assez   classique,   de   cession   de   créance,   a   été principalement mise en lumière en Europe grâce à l’activité de l’entreprise Cartel Damages Claims (CDC). La société est basée en Belgique et acquiert des créances de professionnels victimes  (PME  ou  grandes  entreprises) … CDC  est  très sélectif quant aux affaires qu’elle va poursuivre en qualité de cessionnaire… CDC s’est rendue particulièrement visible dans l’affaire CDC  Hydrogen  Peroxide  SA . CDC a un rôle significatif dans l’issue du contentieux, et c’est souvent  hors cour que le litige se termine, avec la conclusion d’une transaction.”
Professor David Bosco, Directeur de l’Institut de droit des affaires de la Faculté de droit et de science politique d’Aix-Marseille, 2015, ‘Bulletin de Droit économique’, p.5
“The CDC model has received recognition across the European Union. The ‘Collective Redress in Antitrust’ study prepared for the European Parliament stated that, “claims transfer to a third party may help to overcome the problem of lack of participation by injured parties and represent an alternative and effective way of stimulating collective actions………The CDC model has been successful out of court as well. CDC itself has concluded many complex out-of-court settlements, which have totalled in tens of millions of euros.”
Professors Spencer Weber Waller and Olivia Popal (University of Loyola Chicaco) 2016. ‘The fall and rise of the antitrust class action’, World Competition, 39(1), pp.29-55
“In the absence of effective collective redress, assignment solutions have found their way into German law. The Belgian company Cartel Damage Claims (CDC) acquires damages claims against cartel participants and brings them to court in a bundled manner. Thanks to the central administration of the several claims by one professional service provider, the costs of civil procedure stay low.”
Professor Dr Andreas Heinemann (University of Zurich, Switzerland), 2011, ‘The Rise of a Private Competition Law Culture Experience and Visions’, p. 5

Praise From Legal Practitioners

We choose to recommend CDC to our clients due to CDC’s expertise, professionalism and outstanding track record in recovering compensation for companies damaged by cartels.
Dr Peter Gussone, Partner at MJG Law Firm, Germany
Over the years the decision to recommend CDC to our client has been proved right with multiple successes under the claims. CDC has proved itself a specialist in taking each case all the way to a successful completion.”
Ulf Djurberg, Partner at Setterwalls Law Firm, Sweden
In general, pursuing cartel damages actions with a desired result has proven to be quite challenging, and often also burdensome and costly. From an external counsel’s perspective, CDC’s business model has provided the most effective solution for these hindrances.
Teemu Taxell, Partner at Merilampi Law Firm, Finland
CDC proved to be a company with values and very diligent. My client would not have been in a position to quantify the damages sustained as a result of two Europe-wide cartels had it not been for CDC. For all the professionalism and dedication showed, I gladly recommend CDC.
Domingos Cruz, Partner at CCA Ontier Law Firm, Portugal