Law Firms – What We Offer
Law firms throughout Europe call upon CDC Cartel Damage Claims to assist them in obtaining optimum compensation for their clients’ antitrust damages.

After searching for the best solution to recover compensation for their clients, law firms frequently work closely with CDC due our expertise and outstanding track record in recovering compensation for damaged companies. By partnering with CDC law firms provide their clients with the means of obtaining maximum compensation with the least amount of risk.  Law firms remain involved in the process while also continuing as legal advisors to their clients.

By choosing CDC, companies may for example opt for the “no-win-no fee” bundling model. Under this model CDC invests its own resources in the legal action and manages the entire case for damaged companies. When damaged companies choose to assign their claims to CDC they incur no costs or financial risk for the legal action while at the same time they benefit from stronger negotiating power and CDC’s access to market-wide data and specific expertise in competition law, economics, statistics, computer programming and data security necessary for the successful enforcement of claims against cartels.  This enables the clients of law firms to entirely focus on their core business.

In addition, CDC offers specialised tailor-made services to damaged companies and law firms relating to funding, case assessment, data collection and economic analysis.

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