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Legal Notice

This is the website and legal notice of CDC Consulting SCRL.

CDC Consulting SCRL is a société coopérative à responsabilité limitée registered with the Belgian Crossroad Bank of Enterprises under registered number 872.872.613 (Company Register Brussels) and registered office at Avenue Louise 475, B-1050 Brussels. The company is legally represented by its directors Dr Ulrich Classen, Dr Till Schreiber, Mr Frank Weinand and Mr Ben Bornemann. Contact Information for CDC Consulting SCRL is available in the footer and on the contact page.

CDC Consulting SCRL provides services for the CDC Group of companies, including CDC Retail SA (Company Register N° B 190719, Business Permits N° 10054328/1 and N° 10054328/2) and CDC LUX 1 SA (Company Register N° B 181952, Business Permits N° 10081170/0 and N° 10081170/1) with their legal seat at 27B Boulevard Marcel Cahen, L-1311 Luxembourg-Ville, Luxembourg.

All instances of the acronym ‘CDC’ on this website should be read as a reference to CDC Consulting SCRL and its affiliated companies. The title of ‘Executive Director’ in relation to Mr Vasil Savov refers only to CDC Retail SA and not CDC Consulting SCRL.

Both CDC Consulting SCRL (No. 3712 E 1 – 6.446) and CDC Retail SA (3712 E 1 – 6.491) are registered as legal service providers in Germany under the German Legal Services Act. The registrations are published at

The term “CDC” on the case specific web pages stands for the legal entity which purchases and enforces the damage claims in each case as specified in the press statements.


This website and all its content including the legal notice is intended for general informational purposes only, and does not constitute and/or serve as legal advice or any other professional advice. You should not take action based upon the information contained in this site without consulting a legal counsel.

The content of this website has been created with the highest level of care. However, we cannot take any responsibility for correctness, completeness and topicality of the contents. In particular, to the maximum extent permitted by law, we accept no responsibility for any loss arising from reliance on information contained in this site or in other sites linked to this site.

Please note that data transmission via an internet connection (such as e-mail communication) is susceptible to security leaks. Complete data protection vis-à-vis third party access is not possible.

The website of CDC Consulting SCRL contains links to websites of third parties. We do not have any influence over these linked websites and we take no responsibility for their contents. The same applies to websites of third parties linked to our website.

We may alter, suspend, or discontinue this website at any time for any reason, without notice or cost. The website may become unavailable due to maintenance or malfunction of computer equipment or other reasons.


CDC Consulting SCRL, 2018. Contents of this website are subject to copyright. Contributions of third parties are marked accordingly.


CDC Cartel Damage Claims is a Community Trademark registered at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trade, Marks and Design) under no. 003387611.

Leniency PLUS+ is a Community Trademark registered at Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trade, Marks and Design) under no. 005787254.

CDC Consulting SCRL holds a licence to use these trademarks for the purposes of this website.


Your personal data will be held for the internal use of CDC Consulting SCRL only. Information made available to us may be accessible to all of our employees in all of our offices. No information provided by you will be passed on to third parties without your consent.